2021 EVENTS @ 911 McLaren Falls Rd, Omanawa

2021 Farm Open Days!  1pm-3pm ($5 entry*)

Multiple dates - 23rd of Jan, 21st of February, 20th of March and 24 of April
Guided tour around our farm - come see where and how your food is grown in an organic intensive mixed market garden - Learn a little more about the veges you so love and meet some of the awesome people responsible for bringing these to your table. This event is kid friendly :D

Register HERE

*The February event is run in conjunction with Open Farms and is free to attend


20 February - Beginner Bio Intensive Gardener (In conjunction with sustainable backyards!) 

This event is geared towards those wanting to grow their own food at home. Maybe you are wanting to start your home garden but never had the chance, maybe you already have one but would like to expand it or learn more about how to make the most out of any space you have available. We will have some seedlings prepared for you to take home with you after as a souvenier to get your started with the best!

20 March - Magic Potions (Korean Natural Farming) 

Ever wonder how our plants taste and look so good? In this workshop we will dive right into all the fertilizer/plant food we create at the farm to feed our babies. Lots of these recipes are easy to make at home and can boost your plants in ways you did not know possible! You will learn how to make FPJ, WCAP & plant vinegar among other interesting tips and tricks. Bring along a jar to take some of what you will be making home with you ;)

24 of April - Compost and Biochar

Are you curious to learn more about composting? Ever wonder how to make the Biochar? Biochar can be a game changer in terms of soil fertility, increasing plant productivity and providing protection against disease. On top of that, it effectively retains water and water-soluble nutrients! Come join us to learn more about these topics and take home some biochar to add to your home compost.

Space limited, registrations & prepayment essential. Workshops are $30 per person per workshop


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