It felt vital to us, with our big shift to our new farm this year, to give what we do a permanent new name that resonated with our values and tells our story. Quality, ethical food became our top priority when we began our family, and producing nourishing food for your family, that nurtures our whenua in the process has been the founding principle of our growing to date. 

We simmered around the edges of starting a market garden for a long time, waiting for our family to be complete so that we could give it our full attention. With the birth of our youngest son Fox in 2015 we had our eureka moment; exactly how we would do this became immediately clear, and through that whole process of planning and funding and growing and expanding and moving and feeding more and more of our community each week, the forgiving wee bairn has been dragged along. On my back in the garden, buckled into the truck on deliveries, in the portacot at the farmers market, and every space in between where he could be wedged or safely secured. 

We're still here three years on, growing as he grows, overcoming challenges as he does. Our son with six toes on one foot, embodies why we are here, why we do what we do, and along with our other children reminds us every day how important it is to be part of creating a future for our family, your family, and this earth that we all depend on. We hope this new brand which resonates with us so deeply, does the same for you


We are here to profitably, ethically and securely supply to our local communities and market streams a diverse range of top quality produce and products; grown, designed and created according to current best practice agroecological principles which emphasise biodiversity, using and further innovating upon the developments of past and present practitioners in the regenerative agriculture field.

We also seek to provide a supportive and energising educational and workplace culture, which utilizes equitable, progressive and culturally respectful business practices, and offers long term opportunities to those passionate about maintaining an appreciation for the beauty and wonder of nature - alongside us, in collaboration with us, and successionally after us - so that we can always leave our whenua better than we found it.


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